TOEFL Speaking Practice Test 4

今回はこの動画の Question 3 を解説します。時間は 5:00~9:18 の箇所です。

TOEFL用語でいうと integrated question と呼ばれます。integrateとは「まとめる」という意味です。


 文章: 歴史の授業時間を3時間から2時間に短縮すべきだ

 会話: 毎日パーティで集中できないだけ、最後の一時間は情報交換に貴重


The woman expresses her opinion of the proposal that friend Tim made in his letter to the newspaper.

State her opinion about the proposal and the explain the reasons she gives for her opinion.




 大学の要求→ class hours to be shortened to two hours

 理由1→ concentration

 理由2→ waste of time


 意見→ disagree

 理由1→ Tim’s own problem

 理由2→ the last one hour for discussion


Passage Conversation
class hours to be shortened to two hours disagree
concentration Tim’s own problem
waste of time the last one hour for discussion



Passage Conversation

[1] The passage written by a student tells that

the class hours should be shortened to two hours for some reasons.

[2] However, the woman in the conversation

disagrees with it.

[3] To begin with, the passage explains that

it is difficult for the students to concentrate for three hours and it’s too long.

[4] On the other hand, she argues that

it’s his own problem. He attends parties every day, and it’s the reason why he cannot concentrate.

[5] Next, the passage adds that

it’s a waste of time to spend such a long time for one class.

[6] In contrast, she claims that

there are discussion and exchange of opinion in the lasi hour of the class, which is quite meaningful to the students.


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